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I dont have alot of pics to go with the stories....cause I find riding and picture taking are kinda hard to do at the same time without a co-pilot.

It was a fairly uneventful trip was fairly chilly. The weather 2 weeks ago (when this trip took place) in Iowa was was 36 degrees on a few of nightly rides home from work but mostly averaged mid 40s.....meanwhile this week its been mid to high 50s most mornings. WTF?! So I planned for the cold. I figured if it was mid 40s here (in the night) would be mid to high 30s in SD. I figured about right.

I recently bought some Tourmaster Synergy heated gear. The collared vest and full pants liner - great stuff. Im bombing down the interstate at 80mph at 38 degrees toasty as can be.....for hours on end. Great stuff that heated gear is.....and the Tourmaster stuff is economical to. It comes with the heat controller....think the collared vest was $125.....the full pants were $145 or so.

It was basically gas and go. I kept a bag to store all my receipts.....and I used a clipboard to keep track of all my logs and paperwork necessary for the Iron Butt Association. I stopped in a bar on the way back for a witness to sign my waitress at the bar - I tipped her well so hopefully she will remember me if they call to verify the info with she was fuckably hot and in the middle of nowhere SD.

33 hours straight is the longest haul Id ever done on a bike. During my Grand Canyon trip I did 19 hours from Tucumcari, New Mexico home to Iowa all in one shot.....800 and some odd miles.....this was double that in miles, but I could NOT take double that in time.

I was expecting it to me worse then it was. I was only tired 4 times....each time I stopped for a rest. My first clue I was tired was on the way back the sun started dipping below the horizon and Im blazing down the SD interstate.....I started seeing weird shit.

I actually hallucinated a road sign turning into a dinosaur and trying to eat me as I rode by. FUCK.....did that just happen. So I pulled off the road for a 20 min power nap.

That was the only time I was concerned that this was a bad idea....Ive never been THAT tired before. The other stops were for "normal" tired behavior and were all uneventful. I must have looked goofy as hell setting in my camp chair next to my running.....and this cord connecting me to the bike.....but I was warm during my naps. I didnt figure the Vision would have a problem idling for 15 to 20 mins in the cool weather so I could stay warm. It didnt protest.

The trailer was being drug around behind me just in case I decided to call the Iron Butt run off and setup camp.....had the full camp at my disposal. I almost called the Iron Butt run off due to "bitchin scenery" a few times so I could spend another day out there.....figured I could score another day off at work.

I had a great time and despite the time constraint and the long riding hours I had a blast.....and I dont feel that I missed out on anything.

It was fast and dirty....and extremely economical. I think the total cost for fuel, food, sight seeing etc was $175.....not bad for a mini-vacation.
Iowa to Grand Canyon....and back

a quick run to the Black Hills
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