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Thanks for the info

Originally Posted by BikePilot
Great project.

For the record the cartridge forks, while nice aren't sourced from any RM and aren't really even similar to RM forks (RM conventionals from the mid-late 90s were 49mm twin chambers).

Stock fork springs I think were .38kg, but you can look it up on racetech's site. This is really too soft for anything without pedals.

The '91 forks are damper rod (non-cartridge) forks. Adjustable compression has nothing to do with the type of valving.

The stock shock spring is pretty stiff and probably just fine as long as you aren't huge.

Boxing in the swingarm will go a long way to keeping the bike straight. The rear shock is also needs valving work quite badly (and the forks need springs badly and could really use a re-valve as well). Between fixing the swingarm and having the suspension sprung and valved properly, it'll be much better. That was going to be my next move on the DR before I decided an XR650R made more sense for me.
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