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Your ATGATT list...

I just want to get a general idea of what you guys wear when going on a ride either a dirt ride, pavement ride, or a mixture. I just want to know what protection is essential for every ride.

Couple of questions...
Do you guys wear some armor under your jackets? Say elbow pads? shoulder pads? Or the armor that comes with the jacket is enough?

The same goes for your pants, what do you wear under them?

All the time I see riders come and go with their gear on, but I can only see the outside and I always wonder what is under all that stuff.

I usually ride with:
My helmet
MX boots
My jacket that has some soft armor
My pants are built pretty tough but the protection is close to zero, I am trying to find some decent priced knee and shin protectors.

SO what do you guys wear

thanks, if this has been discused I would appreacie direction towards a useful thread, I could not find anything very specific
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