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Thursday - Day 1

I get a late start after working all day. It's 4 PM by time I hit the asphalt.

I join the steady stream of traffic heading north out of Phoenix on I-17.

The red rocks of Sedona come into view, but I'm heading to a region that is even better.

I stop during a typical Arizona sunset to add layers and change to a clear face shield.

Stuffed up the bottom of an impact-absorbant styrofoam cranium protective device and miniature personal comfort environment my mind wanders...

Darkness sets in as I near Flagstaff. ~200 miles to go.

I roll across the Hopi and Navajo Reservations in the darkness. I stop in Tuba City for a burger at America's Drive-In.

North of Kayenta I rode through Monument Valley in the dark for the second time. I was hoping for starry and clear skies for some night photography among the familiar silhouettes. It is dark and cloudy so I don't bother stopping. I started seeing lightning flashes to the east and north. I could only make out the rock formations when the sky lit up.

The weather was supposed to be clear all weekend with only a slight chance of thunderstorms left over tonight. Earlier in the week the entire Southwest had some heavy storms.

I fuel up at the closed station in Mexican Hat, Utah.

A few miles north of Mexican Hat I turn down a familiar dirt road. After about 4 miles I find a spot to stop alongside the road and shut off the ignition. I set up camp and crawl into the tent around 11 pm.

Tomorrow I awaken among the Gods.
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