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Originally Posted by PCK_4xCustoms
I'm more of a lurker here but came across this report and just read it from start to this point and it only took me 5 days
Hi PCK, thank you for the kind words - glad you found us! It’s always satisfying to lure shy readers out of hiding.
Originally Posted by dave6253
Beautiful Shot!
Hey, dave - these passes are so amazing, one can pretty much point the camera anywhere and click without looking, and still end up with gorgeous pictures.
And the riding! I think your 990 wants to visit the San Juans.
Originally Posted by Desmous
YouTube in the Czech Republic? What is YouTube? Of course, had quite a few years they have used it!
haha, Desmous, very funny! Okay, it was a stupid question.
I thought I had read that certain videos (from Sony, ABC network, etc.) were unavailable to other countries.
I had trouble watching some video in Mexico, but I guess it wasn't on You Tube
(hey, do you even read the czech parts that I put in for you? are they helpful?).

haha, Desmous, velmi vtipné! Dobře, to byla hloupá otázka.
Myslel jsem, že jsem četl, že některé videa (od Sony, ABC, atd.), byly k dispozici do jiných zemí.
Měl jsem problémy s přehrávání videa v Mexiku, ale myslím, že to nebylo na You Tube
(hej, vy ani číst české části, které jsem dal za tebe? Jsou užitečné?).

Day 29 continued...

After saying goodbye to MN boys, we headed over to Black Bear Pass.
We were both excited and a little anxious...

Oh, wow! It was so pretty.

So green and lush, and full of waterfalls!


It's full-on Heidi land!
(Um. or, maybe not. )

Okay, this is another one of those sections where I took a million photos and they can start to look the same.
Brilliant green hills, stunning blue sky, beautiful dirt roads. Yawn.

if you don't appreciate these pics, you're dead inside (but feel free to skip 'em! )

It was so sunny and bright, it hurt our eyes. I had to actually tone down some of these photos - they were too vivid!

But, it took me so long to just export and upload all the pics, I didn't fiddle or crop them much...

The wildflowers were unbelievable!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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