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Originally Posted by toowheels
I think it's interesting to see what's possible. The 950SE may be cheaper but it's not lighter.
With all the talk/projects of "the perfect adventure bike" with twins and stuffing a Versys engine into a KTM 640/690 frame etc., this is a different approach. Does the F800 GS need two front disc brakes? The 950SE doesn't. Does it need a beak and a fender? Etc...etc.

More power...NO...more efficiency and lighter weight = better range.

Lighter weight...ride more places you wouldn't normally go?

Could you lose more weight? Maybe (I don't have any to lose) but it's always easier to move around (and pick up ) a lighter bike.

Could this be the lightest medium twin bike? Highland? Terra Mostro?

Couldn't it be factory built? Yes, but not likely. On the other hand that is what the 950SE is to the 990 Adv. and HP2 to the 1200GS, no? It's a niche no doubt and one that a lot of inmates like. Bring on more lightweight mid size bikes!!

It'll be interesting to see what the Triumph 800XC weighs but it's only likely to be slightly less weight if at all.

Luggage? That's easy! A Giant Loop Great Basin on the back and a Fandango tank bag. Done. No racks/boxes to bend/break/crack, add 20-30lbs. and turn the bike into a big wide tank .

All fair points. I had never really looked at the specs of the 950SE - it's a bit gob-smacking it weighs so much. I guess with a 950 engine, your frame and suspension componentry has to be pretty rugged to cope, and that adds weight.

I've just come back from a work trip into SE Asia, and it was freakin' amazing the tracks you'd find people riding their Honda Wave 110s through, usually two-up, carrying a chicken, wearing flip-flops. I guess there's a lot to be said for a lightweight, simple bike.

Still, rather than go down this road, I think if this sort of thing flicks your switch there's plenty in the factory catalogues that would make a better start point - the XChallenge being one, the little Aprilia twin is quite nice too.

But I guess if we all liked the same things, this would be a pretty boring forum!
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