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Don't think twice, it's alright. Vancouver-Argentina on a 1979 cx500 custom

This is my first big motorcycle trip, leaving I'd had my license for 4 months, ridden Aurora around the block a few times, and ridden another bike a bit in the summer. It's also my first trip report

So any tips or advice will be much appreciated.
Currently in: Merida, MX.

To follow me via Spot tracker, go here.

To skip to Mexico, go to page 8.

To skip to Guatemala, go to page 14

The bike: Aurora is a 1979 CX500 custom

I know very little about her, I got her for free a couple years ago from someone I gave a ride to while driving across BC. He had three parts to the deal, I had to ride her, I couldn't part her out or sell her, and she kept her name. I think I'm living up to all three finally. She stayed in my uncles garage for a year and a bit, I never rode her.

About me I only got my license in April, never really rode much because after sitting for 10 years, Aurora didn't run fantastically, and plus she wasn't actually insured. So back into the garage after a few trips around the block she went.

During the summer I worked in the prairies(SK), during the biggest flood and rains in 70 years, I bought a GS400 for 700$ there and tried to ride it around as best I could through all the mud and gravel, then rode back to BC, and went to a Horizons Unlimited meeting, something I'd heard of only a week or so before it happened. I had no plans to travel anytime soon, I planned to do so after high-school, but I never seemed to earn enough and life always got in the way. I went back to school, and ended up at Emily Carr University in Vancouver for the past year. Although I've wanted to travel all my life, I expected to do it after University By chance, I'd met a couple of riders at the Horizons Unlimited meeting, and when I was whining about wishing I could do what they were doing, they pointed out the obvious, I was already doing it, so why not go farther. I didn't think much of it, but a month later we met in Vancouver again, and after talking to them, I decided to go for it. I left shortly thereafter.

I'm 22 years old, a photography student from Vancouver, BC

I'm doing the writing and photography for credit at school as well by starting a blog.

Me and Aurora before getting ready, and before buying a used DSLR and lens.

In the couple weeks before I left she got racks, and a large number of bags added, the racks cost a couple dollars worth of metal stock, and allow me to clip bicycling panniers on. I got a bunch of new equipment, a haircut and was invited to Sacramento, CA to build her up, which is where we are headed now. I even started packing 2 days in advance, a new record in planning ahead for me though I didn't finish until about an hour before leaving.

Aurora on the road, this picture contains the story of this trip so far, Aurora loves to go, but she hasn't got much stamina, after an hour of riding she needs a drink.

Here's how she looks now, after a month of hard work with a brilliant mechanic(Larry Cargill) in Sacramento, California.

To read the entire story of the build, go here
There's about 70 pictures and a couple thousand words.

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