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Headed east out of Rupert and turned left on Rock Cliff Road. At the new bridge, you have three options. I took the leftmost option and followed Little Clear Creek around the back of Cross Mountain.

Cross Mountain scenery.

There are various and sundry ways up and down this mountain. Some of it is this sweet wooded track. Some of it coal haul roads.

Burly dual sporting. Seriously, I have never seen a forest with so many burled trees.

This is the road off of the north side.

OK, enough messing around on Cross Mountain. Time to head north.

The run up to Midland Mine (I think).

From the active mining area, it's a short jump over to the wind farm.

That's one small step for man. BEEP

The wind was blasting out there. I wonder how much juice these things actually produce. I found the transmission line last weekend, and it is comparable to the line leaving the Summersville Hydro Plant.


I did the Skyway run down to the South Fork of the Cherry. I tried to go out to Briery Knob and out to 39 via FR 223. I took the wrong road, which was still very fun and beautiful. At 90 miles, I turned tail and headed for Richwood. I got 108 miles in without a whiff of pavement.

South Fork of the Cherry

It was a mind bending day of dual sporting.

Cela est comment nous roulons.
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