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rdwalker, there are no penalty points against the license in Russia now. But there are some traffic violations that involve a direct driver license nullification. Theese are:

- overspeeding more than +60 km/h. It means that you must ride 120+ km/h in a city or 150+ km/h outside a city.

- drunken riding. Now it`s the zero per thousand law in Russia

- left side riding. There is the right side driving in Russia - just same as in USA.

- riding without a license plate. Avoid to lose it somewhere in a field.

- riding a bike with HID lights, if HID is not OEM

- riding a bike with strobe lights or something the same

- riding through a closed railway crossing

- if you do not pass a vehicle with a special lights (I don`t know how it`s to say it in English right) - police, ambulance, firemen, etc

- provoking an accident that entails middle or hard injuries to somebody. It may be even you. If you crash and get injuries - they will take your license.

- leaving the accident`s place

- drinking alcohol after an accident but before the police alcohol test

Overspeeding for +20 km/h means 100 Russian roubles fine (it`s about 3 US $). +40 - 300 RR. Less than +60 - 1500 RR.

Russian police (militia in Russian) is corrupted totally, so you can give them some money and go further. It`s the Russian reality.
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