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Originally Posted by yamahaman

here is my yz 426 I run mine thru the desert here and I have the gearing to max out at 70 mph when I'm on the rev limiter I have obviously got the close ratio gear box so this limits me a bit. I do not ride on the road (blacktop) at all unless there is a problem all of my riding is done on the desert/bush tracks. I have a 10 litre (2.6 gal) tank on the back and 13 litre (3.4 gal) clarke tank on the front. I have re routed the exahust to suit. I get 330 km (210miles) out of my bike in the bush a little less in the desert I have my bike on the rich side to protect the motor.

My two cents worth is that these bikes wr426/wr450 are awsome bikes and well designed they are suitable as an adventure bike only if you fit a cush drive rear end and suitable gearing. I have had a lot of experience in these engines and can give more info if anbody wants

Im going to fit a headlight/map reader assy in th enear future

I have been banging on about Cush drives for ages and now the chickens have come home to roost as I havn't saved up for a cush drive of my own. I changed my gearing to 15/45 and this proved too much pressure for fifth gear and it has damaged his dogs between 5th and 3rd so after the first hundred k's! this is why gearing and cush drives are important. I survived the next 400km with only 4 gears. With this gearing combo in a yz box it was pulling 80kph at 6200 rpm in fourth in heavy sand. This is a very common problem in all yz/wr 450's beware all owners. Keep in mind this bike has done near 30 000 km and has been rebuilt twice good service life considering how hard this bike gets ridden....
dont be afraid of a wr as an adventurer only if set up properly
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