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rdwalker, there are many cases here in Russia, when bikers do not pay even if they have violated some rules. Cops may ask you to seat on your bike, or ask you to make a wheely, or you must tell him a good joke, and you can leave without any fines. Chances are increasing, if this is an officer on a motorcycle. If the violation does not mean the license nullification and there was in another part of Russian Federation, it`s no need to worry - papers will not be delivered because of beaurocracy and bribery - a cop need to earn money on a road instead of making paper work. Otherwise you need to pay to cops for nothing - only for passing - in some Caucasus republics or in Asian parts of Russia. Some sort of robbers, but they wear uniform...

About HID - many and many Russian car drivers set Chinese H4 low/high HID on their cars without any adjustment and kept blinding other people on a road. So non-factory HID is illegal now...

L.B.S., you are welcome
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