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Removing GPS platform

Originally Posted by Ian B
Well, the fairing is up on the website now and we are taking orders, although it will still be a week or so before they start shipping.

One point that has come up from direct emails, is whether the GPS platform can be removed, if you don't like having it up there on the platform.

The answer is yes. If guys prefer to keep their GPS on the bars or where ever and do not require the platform, it is easy to remove altogether. In fact, when it was tested on really rough ground, there is no doubt that the GPS does shake around more up there than on a typical Ram mount and some people may prefer not to have the GPS up there. At least there is a choice !

From your website, it says that you can "cut off" the gps platform. But what will that look like? I worry about a rough edge and the aesthetics of it's appearance after that. Could you address that in more detail or even provide a photo or two? Could it be possible that in the future you could offer the fairings in two professionally finished versions?
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