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There seems to be a bit of variation between frames (not a lot, but we've seen it on a few) as well as the racks themselves. So between the bike frame, the aftermarket rack and - admittedly - an upwardly-biased silencer, sometimes we run into an overhead clearance issue.

LeoVince has been very good about sending out extra hardware to lower the silencer by as much as about 3" (by virtue of the length of the strap material included, which is meant to be cut to needed length by the recipient) any time we get feedback that a customer is having a clearance issue. Whether you bought your exhaust from us or not, simply call or email the store and I'll be happy to help you with whatever you need.

If you'd rather cut out the middle man, feel free to PM MatchTop, who is our LeoVince factory rep - he'd be the guy sending out the extra hardware.

Some customers, upon running into a clearance problem, simply fab up an extender to drop their pipe by about an inch using scrap material they happen to have lying around... and we don't hear about the initial problem. It would be helpful in terms of product development if you handy self-fixing types would drop us a note so we can keep tabs on what's happening in the field

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