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Originally Posted by MTrider16
I have one more day for the Dalton. RUOK had a different experience than I did and I would be interested to hear his comments.

Well everyone, I'm off for a week or so, hopefully I can continue posting when I get back.

My best advice about the Dalton is not to stress too much about it and just enjoy the ride. It's a well maintained road, but the weather and road surface change a lot, you need to have at least a 240mile fuel range ( I packed 2 gallons and had to use 1 ) The Milepost book has a section on the Dalton that's pretty helpful. Plus there's tons of good intel in other Alaskan ride reports.
It took me around 13 hours going up, encountering a lot of rain and mud from Wiseman on, and just under 12 hrs coming back, it was sunny and nice but stopping for construction. Despite the little bit of weather I encountered I personally really enjoyed the ride to Deadhorse and back, it was epic in my book. The Alcan however tried to take me out
Anyway that's my .02 worth, hi-jack over.
My Alaskan ride

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