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Originally Posted by DimitriG
ok, so Ive mounted the acewell tranny sensor. only one problem, how the hell am i going to dial it in

the sensor from the tranny has 2 wires while the koso front wheel sensor has 3, i popped up the back wheel and put it into 2nd and added some gas just above idle (should be around 15 kph right). searched the internet for and explaination of the wiring colours of both units, nothing. any electric guys out there? is there a way i can use my multimeter to figure this out?

then i just have to add the cir measurements and get it to translate somehow to wheel diameter. i'm assuming that the sensor reads rotations from the driveshaft and that maybe one full rotation of the drive is more or less one wheel rotation. i really don't know anything about the gearing etc, as you can probably tell
I thought the guage had a function that allowed you to calibrate the speedometer..... Do you have an owners manual for the gauge?
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