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Very funny CyberDos. This group might work out well for you. Maybe you'll get more pictures.

After talking with Paul last night, I think this group might be a good compliment to other groups in the valley.

Geographical Location:
There doesn't seem to be much in the east valley for group get togethers.

Types of riding:
  • More of a focus on the aspects of Adventure Touring rather than dual-sport.
  • Rides that involve a bit of state highway riding mixed in with graded dirt roads.
  • Rides that n00b's and bikes bigger than 650cc's would be comfortable doing.
  • No worries about being left behind or slowing others down. Take the time to see where we're riding and actually "touring".
Some thoughts about specific rides
I could see us organizing various rides that could come together in the culmination of one big ride. IE, explore sections that could be put together into one multi-day ride later in the year.

Weeknight/Evening rides on Florence-Kelvin or Apache Trail (ie, some wednesday night?)
These could be an opportunity for those with family or other commitments on weekends to get out and ride. The could also be an excellent opportuntiy to test lighting farkles on safe well known paths.

Highway 288 Globe-Young-Heber Highway
When it's not raining, this would be an easy big noob bike friendly ride. A bit if highway to get there/back and a good chunk of dirt roads to ride. A mix that represents the type of riding Paul and I discussed last night. More of an "Adventure Touring" pavement/dirt combo.

How much of this could be done on a 1200GS sized bike? What about the section from heber to show low?

Southern Arizona Graded Dirt
My old stomping grounds witha 4x4. There are a ton of nice graded roads that go to interesting places in Southern Arizona. Duqesne, Arivaca, Gardner Canyon, Parker Canyon, San Pedro River Road, Back road up Mt. Lemmon, Over the Santa Rita mountains. Plenty of interesting rides for traversing highway miles comfortably on a big bike and then explore some dirt roads.

Merge all the rides together
Throw in a mix of camping and hotels to stitch all the rides together;
1. Friday night ride Apache Trail to camp by Roosevelt Lake at the start of 288.
2. Saturday north on 288 towards heber and follow FR300 into Show Low and sleep.
3. Sunday carve up the Salt River canyon back into globe. Maybe jump over to Kelvin and ride the Florence-Kelvin Highway back to Florence and eventually home.

We could even stitch together some rides to get into Southern Arizona.
Flo-Kelvin, Barkerville/Freeman into DudleyVille.
DudleyVille to Mammoth to catch Cascabel/San Pedro River Rd into Benson or maybe up the back of Mt. Lemmon and down the front into Tucson.


Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself. Picture lazy graded dirt road rides on bikes that have 12v accessories and saddle bags/boxes. Riding highways to get there that need you to be able to sustain at least 70mph for 1-2 hours (Interstates suck, so who needs 75mph) and then turn onto a dirt road to continue for another couple hours.

Anyone interested?
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