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where's Laura0107?
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What a fantastic day of riding yesterday! Klaviator and fancyindigo were so gracious to let a creaky, pokey old flatlander tag along. Fancy was rocking sumo wheels with Avon Distanzias on some rather gnarly terrain at times.

I had 160 miles on the odometer at days end and was pooped but just elated. I felt like John Denver, but on an Appalachian high instead of a Rocky Mountain one. Mostly my face hurt from grinning so much throughout the day. I'm taking today off to rest up and visit with family, then tomorrow I'm going to take my husband on his XRL to some of the same spots from yesterday's ride.

Klaviator, when I get back home I'll post my GPX track and elevation log from yesterday's ride. I might try to get the track into one of the Google Earth flyover thingies. Thanks again for being such a fantastic tour guide.

Some pix:

To top off a perfect day of riding, when I returned to Asheville my mother and stepfather had takeout from Urban Burrito waiting. Highly recommended!
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