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Originally Posted by 750Volts!
I really want to stress that I like the people I have met in your group Eddy, and I would always want to make joint rides whenever available. I think it would be even a bigger bonus if we could meet the guys down in Tucson some time and maybe even the guys up north and get some megarides together. The way I look at it is that our group will focus on different days and styles as amuch as possible. I think this will help people that don't have enough time to have many more options. For guys like me with a surplus of time we can go on more rides!

...on the subject of the 288. I feel a little better now. When I was talking to Buster he kinda made me feel whimpy that it was kicking my butt a bit. Just before I made Young there was a section that was deep mud that took me a while to get through. Still, all in all, it was a fun ride but I haven't logged many hours on my Funduro and it was a bit hairy at times.
288 is hit or miss. It gets tough when there have been rains. Like right now, it has to be a muddy mess out there. Plus when the river takes over it TAKES OVER. You can either man up and cross it and risk losing your bike in the process or turn around if you have a tank big enough to do so. When dry, it's cakewalk.
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