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[quote=WVhillbilly]Hi-jack continues.
I could start my own ride thread, but don't have enough pictures or trip report to warrant it. So I'll just add to this one.

Great Stuff Man. I posed the idea to the tread monitor, and well here is the quote he gave me.

"if it's in Ride Reports, it would be a violation of the rules.. we don't like others piling on to the original poster's thread as this always ends in a thread hijack, but you could ask inmates add a few pics to your thread, glad you enjoy the site "

To me this qualifies a s a few pics since I still have a boat load more and plan on taking more. I was thinking this would be a great idea for the thread. I thought it would seriously even make a great book for riders of all flavors. Short trip reports with pictures on from a motorcycle and all from the Appalachia's.

Anywho Keep them coming.
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