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Hajar mountains Part II

The night was hot and humid - what else would you expect if you slept in a wadi? Woke up before the sunrise to get going in the cool of the morning when everyone around was still half asleep.

This time the track took us to even greater altitudes, so the ride was very refreshing. Our senses were instantly ready to take in all that the landscape had to offer - craggy boulders and smooth slopes, as well as terraced villages hemmed with palm trees.

Sunrise over Hajar mountains...

High up.

Panorama of Hajar (click to enlarge)

Panorama from the road.

Trails cut into cliff.

Very good quality gravel part of Hajar trail.

Panorama from the road (click to enlarge)

Panorama of Balad Sayt village (click to enlarge)

Panorama of Balad Sayt surroundings (click to enlarge)

Panorama from the road.

But nothing really compared to the majestic layout of what they call here the Grand Canyon. Maybe not as great as the one in the US, but still breathtaking to say the least.

Panorama of Jebel Shams canyon (click to enlarge).

A little more and 2000ft+ straight drop...

Panorama with the canyon (click to enlarge)

Some goats roamed around on the canyon side.

Picture time...

Since one can camp virtually anywhere we pitched our tent right on the edge of the canyon - where else would that be possible? Of course, wandering around the tent in the pitch black of the night would have been highly inadvisable due to the risk of dropping a few hundred meters straight, but the goats who came to check us out during the day also hung around at night. I guess dropping into a dark void is not as scary as actually seeing what's beneath.

Goat checking out our Vern panniers?

Sunset colours over Jebel Shams.

A lonely tree...

The Moon and a star...

Camping under the Milky Way. Arabian "1001 nights" style...

This time the night temperatures dropped to the point where we could actually get into our sleeping bags and not just sleep on them. Once again we got up before the sunrise to savour the play of light.

Just moments before sunrise the colours got stunning...

Sun rising...

Panorama of Sunrise over Jebel Shams canyon (click to enlarge)

Full of energy, we packed our stuff and got going back towards Muscat. Here are some towns and villages we spotted along the way:

Omani village.



Fort Nizwa.

Margus & Kariina
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