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e new MD ToR Tag didn't get posted before heading out of Oil City.
After a breakfast that can best be described as continental, I hit the road.
Beautiful day, sun was out, air was warm it was an unprecedented rain-free October week-end in northern PA. I decided to take a direct route, at a leisurely pace home. South out of town and then 322 east. Tried to keep my mind on the road but it keep drifting back to the night before...

Talking with and actually meeting Jack was nice. I had met jack at two other occasions before, without introductions. I got a copy of his book... autographed.

Took a bit of Super-Slab to make some time. Random break at a rest stop.

Rest stop art and a self portrait

Back on to 322 gave me a Childrens' Playground with a TANK
I want a tank

I wish I had a better shot of the playground section but I was distracted by the tank

OK enough, back to the ride... To my castle.

No, not my castle but not far east of tank-town.

A couple hours later it was time for another break and fuel.

This stop had cookies. Large cookies.

Yummy cookies.

Saw a sign that I had to take a better look at....

Not this sign but the one to the right of it...

Apparently, in PA, for full nudity, alcohol is not served, you have to bring your own. We Marylanders are sooo spoiled.
The main thing is, the whole set up seems like a Perv-Trap.
Oh, it gets better, with a mural.

Familiar roads lead to familiar signs and then before I knew it.

So if you haven't gotten a ram ball mount and bluetooth for your phone yet. Keep your hands on your grips. A short time later I pulled into my drive.

696.2 on the trip odometer, a very nice week-end.

A very quick note... If you are interested in beard & mustache events feel free to contact me.

Stay focused, keep your eyes on the prize: Mouse traps & Lighters.

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