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adjusting rear brake height

Originally Posted by MCMXCIVRS
I'm not sure if your's is different from my GS, but on mine the only way to change the resting height of the lever would be to bend it up or add a thicker pad on top of it. You can adjust the pushrod to change the free travel in the lever before the brake is applied, but that still leaves the lever lower than the stock foot peg.

What I did to raise my brake pedal's resting height was to remove the pedal from the bike and grind a small amount off the lever at the spot where it hits the stop on the frame. Take it easy, do it in stages so you don't go too far. Not to worry though, if you did grind too much, or someday want to re-locate for different pegs or something, a blob of weld on the contact point will let you start over.
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