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Tom Checking in

Ok everyone, so I have made it to Colorado. I learned along the way that when I have a mission to complete I don't like to rest until that mission is completed. I treated getting out there much like a trucker haha. I only stopped to sleep or get food and when I stopped to sleep, I slept right off the highway ready to get up and start driving again.

On the way out I saw a lot of corn fields. I bought a gas can from Wal-mart that had a hole in it. I found out it had a hole in it when I started to fill it up. Later I returned a gas can to Wal-mart and got a new one.

I ended up driving a lot at night because I felt like I never did enough miles during the day.

When I made it to Colorado I was lucky enough to meet up with my Uncle John who had a friend named Gary that let me leave the bikes at his place. I had to take the bikes out of the bed of the truck and ditch the trailer because the truck started making funny noises on the way down so I wanted to drop it off at a garage and get it checked out.

So far Colorado has been great, I saw some elk.
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