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Tom!! You are da man!!! Great job getting out there so quickly!!

Christian checking in here.....Man, I am stoked!!!

I still can’t believe that I’m actually going to ride in MOAB!!! None-the less ride my own bike!!!! Unfuknbelievable!!!!

Gregor’s not kidding when he mentioned he’s the “Planner and Instigator” of the group….LOL….and he wasn’t taking no for an answer… After declining multiple times, and going into work and witnessing a few lay-off’s, I went home and worked out a deal with my wife…It wasn’t easy... (in her words…”What are you crazy? Less then five months ago, you left me for 14 days!!! and you want to do what?? Your out of your mind!!!" Last May, I had just completed a 3,000 mile, 14 day off road ride from Phoenix to San-Francisco…That was to be the ride of the year for me… .and as far as she was concerned…that was it….for a long time.. But somehow..even Gregor was able to twist her arm.. This was just too good of an opportunity to turn down… and somehow, we sold the idea of an extended weekend to her....and I jumped at it! Ticket booked...that was Oct. 6..only two weeks ago.. These guys from NY don't kid around!!

That was “Part I”…I’m thinking we’re going to Dual Sport the 950’s and 650’s…Not this time….Within a few hours I’m getting links to you tube videos which quickly show this aint gonna be no dual sport…. and learn how technical the riding is out there…. We’re bringing the little bikes…."> name="allowFullScreen" value="true">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385">

So now it’s time for Part “II” and the work begins…(bike preparation-because if you’re prepared, you won’t need it…);
  • Re-jet the carb, and thankfully James Dean (JD Jetting) personally comes to the rescue…
  • Next up we’re told that trials tires are the trick for riding out there….so Vee Rubber to the rescue…compliments of my friend Gary at SDR Race Tools
  • a few orders to MSR Racing (for a XC backpack, fender bags (to store my MSR fuel cells), and some more protective gear)
  • Soften up my suspension by swapping out my stiffer “Sand” springs, for the softer “Rock” springs….
  • And add on the Tugger Straps….(each day, someone in the group shares a link to a You-tube video…You gotta see the step-ups….I can’t believe some of the technical stuff….these will definitely come in handy…

The next two weeks are spent trying to figure out how to get my 2 stroke to meet the gas range of everyone else’s bike in the group... As of now, I’m somewhere in the 70-80 mile range…depending on how hard we’re on the throttle…and how the altitude affects my tuning… we’ll see how it goes… Nothing a 2litr bottle can't fix...

Guys, I can’t thank you all enough for including me on this trip …Rest assured, it’s going to be epic!!! By this time next week, the first day of Moab will be complete...i can’t wait until Friday!!!

Now to start uploading the GPS...and packing my bags...
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