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Originally Posted by A
I was under the impression that this battery technology is very sensitive to undercharge and overcharging. Are normal motorcycle charging systems really suited to these batteries? Is there some estimate on the number of cycles that can be reasonably expected?

I used to be under the same impression. Learned about them from RC model guys. These batteries are extremely robust and most motorcycle Charging systems (functioning ones) will not harm them at all. Anything in the 14.5 +/ range.

Put it this way. If your bikes charge system is over 14.5 volts you are damaging your lead acid battery too. If you were to ride your bike every day and start it 4 times using 18 second pulses (which you would never do) they would last 6,000 cycles or 4 years.

They would be sensitive to a voltage drop down to 7 or 8 volts, but your bike would have quit starting a while before it got there and you would be trouble shooting your motorcycles charging system.
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