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Originally Posted by tmex
As I have posted many times there is no substitute for a spring tool. It is cheap and readily available. I can't understand why someone would do it any other way.
I agree and to not have one in the garage is a bit silly; but it is a lot of bulk (given the difficulty in packing traditional T-shaped one's) for a tool you will only need very rarely at the roadside. I tried to make a compact DIY one that you put a screwdriver through the end of. This was to carry with me to allow me to remove the centre stand at the road side, due to the afformentioned ground clearance problems. This was for a trip to the Nurburgring forming part of a longer trip where I wanted the centrestand. It didn't work very well and I settled on the old "coins in the coils" (deeply inserted by the pliers on a leatherman) method.

As to the OEM stand. I agree it is great for holding the rear of the bike in the air and even for parking on waterlogged grass/mud, probably moreso than most aftermarket ones, given the surface area. As someone who does most of his miles on road and gets a fair degree of lean angle, ground clearance is important to me. So much so that to get it, I'd be prepared to sacrifice the wet ground parking and the additional protection of the cat' that the TT centrestand plate gives.
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