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Originally Posted by tmex
As I have posted many times there is no substitute for a spring tool. It is cheap and readily available. I can't understand why someone would do it any other way.
Did you get your springs installed? It took me about 5-10 mins of trial and error thinking on how to install the springs without special tools. After I figured out the first spring I had the second one installed within minutes. I used a long strong flat head. Step 1: Install the center stand with the bike on the side stand and torque all bolts. Step 2: Carefully mount the bike onto the center stand and kick side stand up. Step 3: Install top section of the spring, then put the screw driver through the bottom section of the spring while prying the screw driver into the hole/slot where the spring will hook. (Difficult to explain). Then just pull/pry the screw driver down and it the spring down the screw drivers shaft at the same time with you hand or hammer. The last part is a little tricky just take a second screw driver and work the hook into the slot. Sounds difficult in writing but once figured out it is pretty easy.

If I had to install it again I could probaly do it in less than 10 minutes. Although I do work for a BMW dealership fixing cars for a living so it just comes natural. I am always finding a faster way of doing things.

Good luck to all.
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