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Originally Posted by Fishfund
How do you like this tank bag? I am thinking about buy that one.

I purchased it in Australia.

I believe it's made by a Scandinavian company/person.

I've had it since MAY 2010 and have use it for a 6000km trip, a 800km trip, a 900km trip, as well as many other 3-500km 'filler' Saturday trips, to a total of 17000km so far (27 oc 2010)

I can say that it is quite sturdy and i havn't had a problem with it's construction so far.

On trips, i carry up to 2 * 1.5 ltr water bottles, basic tools, torch, lens cleaner, rag, spare cable ties, chocolate, power outlets * 4 for iphone etc.
etc etc.

On long trips, you can lie on it, without it collapsing, and have a bit of an 'eyes open' snooze rest.

If there is anything to gripe about, it would be the 'tightness' of the side pocket zips.
These is use for storage of matches. lighters * 2 or even 3, condoms * 10, tyre pressure guage etc.

They're tight for a reason.
The zippers that is.

The zip enclosure seems to keep most moisture out very well.
Including rain droplets..
watch this pace

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