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F800GS goodness
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Originally Posted by Ducksbane
After reading this thread and being interested because I have always found the 800's grips too small I happened to be waiting to be served at a local business and they had a promotional cricket bat grip on the counter. as below;
This is to support the Mcgrath Foundation which was started by a very famous Australian ex test cricket player after his wife died of Breast Cancer, and usually involves the colour pink.

It occurred to me that if I got a similar grip in a more manly colour like ... black (although I did consider yellow to match my bumble bee) and cut it down it just might work. Much to my surprise I cut two sections 10cm long, heated them in hot water, sprayed a little windex on the standard grips and in almost no time I had the following results;

F800GS Grips 2

Have only ridden about 70Km but am impressed. Grips are more comfortable, the heated grips still work, as a bonus the vibration through the handlebars is reduced to almost nothing and low speed throttle control is vastly better.

This tip might be a bit difficult in those unenlightened countries where Cricket isn't played ( A couple of minor nations in North America come to mind ), but it should work for the rest of us. I suspect there must be somewhere in New England or Canada where you can get cricket gear, but there is always mail order.
Hey thanks for the tip, this works for me! Got my grips from Rebel this week and like the result.

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