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Originally Posted by pablo83
I've heard of battery elimination kits. What do they do and where do I get one?

The battery on the DR250S only weighs 3 lb 12 oz, but it's still weight I'd like to get rid of. There is no starter on the bike and I don't need to turn on the headlight when the bike is off, so the only thing the battery is good for is keeping the headlight steady at an idle. Will a battery elimination kit do this?
if your CDI will allow it to start & run without a battery, yes you can eliminate the battery. you can buy one as advertised or save some money & buy a capacitor. thats all the eliminator is anyway.
if i recall correctly, a 22,000 ufd 35volt electrolytic should do the trick.
running this on my 79 xt500 6-volt system without issue.
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