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First of all I have to say that that Stovey has been a stand up gent to deal with, always willing to go the distance to help an ADV'er out. I needed one shipped before i headed back to Thailand which was only a week away. Instead of saying 'it sucks to be you" like I would have expected, Stovey got cooking in the garage and whipped me up one in record time and shipped it out to me before my flight back across the Pacific. Thanks heaps Stovey .

Now it matters not if he's cooking up batches of shit products, right? Well after going on a few day rides and a couple multi day rides it was time to offer some feedback.

First of all the product seats firmly in the compression fitting container.

The compression fittings along the side require a firm pull to seat (sometimes even rapping on the floor) which gives you confidence that the slide locks will not slide off easily. The fact that the Concealex has no weight to it further ensures that G-forces will not pull the compression fittings off.

I asked Stovey to drill a hole in the back to accept the Ram hardwire plug but I have not had it hardwired yet as the KTM engine is being overhauled. Its only seen AA battery powered YZF duty so far.

Ok so it mounts fine and seems secure. Lets see how it deals with a rider that erm......sadly crashes faaaaaar too often . I have broken two Ram mounts for my 60 CSX so far, no fault of Ram its just I keep getting launched over the bars and mounts are'nt expected to have their riders landing on them constantly.

3 crashes later and the unit was still going strong. It gets knocked about as my body has slammed into the unit a few times, a simple readjustment of the Ram arm and we are back in business.

The fourth crash was bit more robust as i lost the front end on some slippery Thai clay and got winded as my waist slammed into the triple clamps. I righted the bike, got my wind back and started straightening levers and getting the GPS pointing the right way again as it got slammed in the crash. Uh oh!! The GPS Buzz Bomb mount was looking a bit shabby as i spied it with my beedy eyes, haha. My weight had slammed the unit hard enough to knock one of the compression fittings completely off the mount. i was worried the mount would be shattered from the force but the integrity of the unit was solid, my going over the bars had hit the mount hard enough to wipe the compression fitting off right off (which if you remember above sometimes it would take a beating on the floor to close the compression fittings they fit that tight) the mount. Finding the compression fitting took some searching.

But luckily it was laying only a foot off the trail in the brush. Reassembled the fitting and all was good. I mention this because it was a similiar crash in Cambodia that did in one of my Ram mounts. I was on a 3 week long trip then and a country away with a broken Ram mount, that could not after the crash support the GPS, a real bummer on a long trip in foriegn lands. The Buzz Bomb in comparison came through a similiar accident and was able to continue the trip. Good stuff.

One difference with the mount from the Ram is that the Ram easily dislodges the unit from the mount when you want to download tracks on the PC or peruse the GPS over lunch.

The Buzz Bomb does not dislodge from the GPS as easily so i found it easier to simply remove the mount completely from the Ram arm than trying to remove the unit from the mount itself. This is also how I downlaod tracks since there is a port for the USB cable designed into the mount. Good thinking .

The next day i decided to crash some more being the altruistic guy that I am in trying to put the mount through its paces. Some more slippery Thai clay got me here.

In addition to the slick clay the lovely green moss that I'm sure Stovey put there to ensure I crashed yet again reared its head to upset my traction quotient and test the Buzz Bomb again.

The singletrack was a welcome relief and shows why I don't mount the GPS closer to the bar ends.

I was riding on a two day ride to meet a gal that my girlfriend does not know about ( ) and I think that bought on some bad karma my way. Sure enough as I was coming down a two track dirt road the dreaded Teflon clay/green moss combo once again ankle tackled me. This time however I proceeded to launch off the side of the track and crash down into a small gorge.

Once again my body impacted the GPS mount and this time no harm done to the unit at all except it needed straightening once the bike got pulled back onto the trail. That's the back wheel of the YZF you see, the front is buried in a gorge. I tried for 45 minutes to get it back up complete with tow rope but had no luck. I had to walk out to find some villagers a couple clicks down the road to come save my stupid ass.

Anyway bottom line after putting the mount through some abuse and some crash testing it has come through with thumnbs up and flying colors. Combine that with its sold by a stand up gent and you can't beat the Buzz Bomb.

Thanks Stovey!!
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