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Dirt in the dark was blast!

Now that was fun.

Very quick report.
- People showed up at San Tan Flats between 6pm and 7pm. What, 10 people showed up (sorry,horrible with names)? Social hour began and ended in about an hour when some wacko suggested we go for a ride.
- 6 of us decided to do a ride that none of us had been on and we no maps and no GPX files. Just road names and a general idea of what it looked like on a map...with no map in hand.
- 7:30PM sidestands up and rolling from San Tan Flats.
- We rode out to the Florence-Kelvin Highway west, south on Barkerville and then back east on Freeman to highway 79.
- Here's the route.
- We hit highway 79 around 9:45pm. I got home around 10:30.

For those of you that had the notion we were going up hill alot. We started on florence-kelvin at 1600ft and by the time we got to freeman rd we were up to 3800ft. At Freeman road it was all downhill from there.

Riding in the dark on and freaky. Riding up to rise in the road with darkness and the unknown on the other side was disconcerting. Every once and awhile there was a pucker factor from road turning into crap just as your headlight illuminates it as you come over the rise.

Loose sand and hardpack look very similar in the dark. Signs that say "Do not enter when flooded" were a pretty good warning that things were going to get squirrelly. Thankfully those signs were there.

Bit of a chilly ride home. I've added some warmer clothes into my side boxes and added electrics to my xmas list. Grip warmers would have been nice.

The scenery you ask? I was riding I would take a brief glance to my left or right and only saw darkness. Once stopped though and the headlights went off, the stars were cool. The moon rising at the end of our ride was a nice finish.

CyberDos, sorry you missed out on this one. You would have enjoyed this. Lucky it was the fill plug that fell out and not the drain plug. Could have been worse. one crashed. Wouldn't have mattered though because no one brought a camera so there would have been no proof.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." Cheshire Cat
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