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Rick Mayer seats

So if character is a reflexion on quality I would like to share a simple story.
I had paid $354 to reserve a place to have a seat recovered on Sept 2 yet decided to sell the bike in late September since the bike did not fit my style of riding. I than asked Rick Mayer cycle if I could get a refund since no work had started and no material was ordered. Rick Mayer stated refund would be no problem. Well 2 months went by of email after email and I finally received a partial refund. I was quoted a phrase on the order form that did not apply to the way I paid as to why I would not receive a full refund.
So I guess I am out $50 because Rick Mayer cycle feels they deserve my money that they simply did not earn. I do pity people that find ways to justify stealing money they simply do not deserve and am glad I do not share the same values. Rick Mayer please enjoy that money and always remember stealing is wrong no matter how you try to justify it. I on the other hand hope that this post will make at least one person look away from your services. I don't see how a thief would care enough to make a quality product.

Be Well and God bless
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