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Laugh East of Phoenix Adventure Minutes 10/27/2010

East of Phoenix Adventure Clubhouse Gang Minutes 10/27/2010

6:30pm call to order. Orders were 3 burgers, 7 bud lights, 12 shots of Jeremia Weed and 1 pepsi (promptly rejected and replaced with RC[see bylaws].

Ratified ByLaws of the East of Phoenix Adventure Clubhouse Gang
- 750Volts! Is in charge and prepared to take the blame for everything that goes wrong.
- Official soda pop of the club is RC, preferably with Bacardi rum. If you prefer Malibu rum , the other girly clubs in town will be happy to take you.
- Pickup trucks are forbidden at all EPACG sponsored rides. If it hurts your ass too much to ride your little bike too far, then stop getting it patted at the other clubs.
- Technical inspection at each ride will verify that you have at least one item of useless shit tied on or stored in your bike. “Useless shit” can be easily identified as items that can be used by members of clubs with bikes too small to carry useless shit. Tire Irons, patch kits, air pumps, duct tape, cable ties, tools, tow straps, first aid kits, beer and warm clothes fall under the “useless shit” category. Exception: Anyone with a gay bell hanging under their bike at time of inspection shall be banished to the north.
- Ass patting is strictly forbidden. Members will risk physical injury resulting in an inability to operate their clutch and/or throttle.
- Assless chaps are forbidden *Exception for visiting NBNW club members.

7:15pm Motion proposed to go ride somewhere at some point in time. Motion carried.
7:16pm Meeting Adjourned.

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