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The fuel tank removed from the bike

drain the fuel

remove the fuel cap, mark the major direction of up/down as the camo patter should be aligned vertically and horizontally.

gross cut the size needed. I'll use 3x sections to envelop the tank

start on side

trim edges as you go

side view 1st layer

added protector back on sticky layer, don't want to press down yet, will form a seam at the tank crease

add additional top layer, match the exposed layers together

allow to contact

press together

trim flash

paint exhaust guard and tank guards

clean, scuff (with 220 grit sand paper), prime engine and exhaust with high temp primer

paint engine with high temp stove paint, sand color

paint carb, and exhaust

close-up of paint on engine exhaust

standoff view of progress

camo the tank guard bags, I used a 3M adhesive

finished left bag

need to mount the bag here

size the mounting panel needed

trim as needed

de-burr edges

good fit

quick check fit...A-ok

interior bag bracket, tap 4 mm hole to support mounting bracket

fits like so..
Camo the mounting panel

both sides

trim flash

attach mounting plate on bike, with heavy duty cable ties

bolt bags to bike mounting panel

Tank faring

engine paint job

paint steel horn...notice the high pressure line. I separated the actual horn from the air source

the air horn mounted here

front view

high temp paint used sand color

fuse box shown

front view

top of tank installed

front view with lights on

progress so far

side view
To be continued.......
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