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I'm also having issues with RMC:
Ordered a seat from Rick during the Redmond rally in July.
They had originally misread my e-mail address on the order form, but we cleared that up the week following the rally,and I was told I'd receive an e-mail from them telling me when to send the seat in.
Then the waiting game began.
The original production date discussed at the rally (late Aug) goes by, no word from Rick.
They charge my CC the remaining balance on the seat in early Sept.
I discover this charge in late Sept, and am not overly happy since I'd never been notified to send the seat in for production.
They realize that they "forgot" to send me an e-mail with my production date (but never explain why they charged the balance to my CC without ever trying to notify me there were any problems)
I sent them the seat a month ago, and am told to expect a one and a half to two week turn time.
Since then, I have received three separate shipping notifications from RMS, though the seat has yet to actually ship.
On two of those occasions I got questions from RMC after the supposed shipping date asking "what are the colors for the seat cover". After the first time they'd asked this question I e-mailed both a specific answer and pictures (since my request was to match the stock seat colors/design, how difficult can that be). The second time I called and left a message, but didn't hear back.
Since they've missed their third shipping date, have had the seat for a month now, and don't seem to be spring loaded to provide any kind of customer service I'm already finding myself very frustrated by a seat I haven't even gotten to ride yet.
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