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Originally Posted by Mike Butt
What if the vendor has to order raw material based upon demand? What if the vendor could have sold the spot to someone else if not for the deposit?

If you order a steak dinner at Applebee's and decide before it hits your table that you don't want it, Applebee's should eat all of the cost? That's insane.
Alright, I'll bite....

I understood post #78 (which I quoted) to mean that the reason he (the customer) was given for not receiving a full refund was because he used a credit card which incurred fees to the vendor. My point in posting was to point out that this is a lie.

You mention the scenario about the cost of ordering supplies for the seat. OK...... here's my response:

The guy is in the motorcycle seat business. IMO, if he doesn't have a supply of materials on-hand, I wouldn't want to do business with him anyway. Adequate supply of raw materials is an indication that he's invested in his business.

But, if you look at post #76, he posted "I than asked Rick Mayer cycle if I could get a refund since no work had started and no material was ordered. Rick Mayer stated refund would be no problem." As indicated, no material had been ordered.

And, sorry, but your comparison to Applebee's is just silly. Applebee's raw material (literally) has a shelf life. I doubt saddle-making materials go bad within hours, days, weeks or even months. So, unless the customer wanted some god-awful color that RMC could never use, in my opinion, he shouldn't charge the customer for the raw materials either.

In regards to "saving the spot" - if he's in that high of a demand, then I'm sure he could've found some grateful soul to take it.

But guess what? Our opinions don't matter! Here's what it says on his site (as of 10/29/2010):
"We consider an order form a binding legal contract. We incur costs the moment an order form is received. If an order is canceled for any reason prior to 7 days before its assigned start date, $50 is charged against any monies collected. Cancellation requests are not accepted less than 7 days before the start date or after production has begun."

So, RMC was within his stated guidelines for holding the $50.

I'm curious as to what costs he incurs "the moment an order form is received". He sounds like a greedy bastard to me. I hope he's better at making saddles than running a business.
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