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Originally Posted by Blur
I hope he's better at making saddles than running a business.
I suspect that he is. I have one of his seats and it's really great. I had no problems with my order, and knew ahead of time that if I wanted to cancel it would cost me money. Fortunately, I didn't want to cancel, and I absolutely love the work he did.

That being said, I think that organization is not a strong suit for Rick. My suspicion is that his paperwork is a mess. I say this because several weeks after I got my saddle back from his shop, I received a second one. I was nice enough to let them know about it, and they had UPS pick it up. Someone had to wait too long for their work as a consequence. The funny thing is that he has you write your name and location on the bottom of the seat pan before sending it in, most likely to prevent this from happening, but it did not really work for that other guy.

I think Rick might do better as an employee or contract worker for a custom saddle shop than as an owner. The actual work is really very nice, and probably the best 250 bucks (he was running a special) I've ever spent on my bike.
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