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Originally Posted by dang

There are stand alone low voltage alarms which plug in to balance connectors. They cost about $5 wholesale and let off a pretty piercing tone when any one cell drops to below a certain threshold voltage. There is a level of safety there if you are a savvy operator because the first time the alarm goes off will be when the battery is loaded. If you moderate the load at that time you can get a little more juice before killing the cells. For instance you might pull a headlight bulb so the FI can operate.

For a moto the idea of a low voltage disconnect is a little troubling. If you're 50 miles out you might like to make the choice between killing the battery by running and hiking out. You're packs are reasonably priced, I for one would happily risk killing the cells to get home if need be.

Dan, I'm going to order some of these with the balance connectors and try those out. I think people that buy these to make their bikes lighter and therefore improve performance would only encounter a low voltage situation if their bikes charging system failed. The alarm would be useful to me.

I'm about to introduce an even smaller starting battery that is so light and tiny you could carry it in your camelback as a spare. It will be inexpensive too.

If I was going on a long cross-country trip I would bring it along and simply plug it into my quick connector.

I also plan to post a LifePO4 fact sheet to answer a lot of questions.
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