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Great Start

Great Start Ladies..............before you can be good at something you have to be willing to be poor at it. Wrenching on anything is like dancing, fishing,sewing, cooking the endeavor really doesn't matter your going to be disappointed much of the time but'll start to dig it.

The part your going to find is after you gain some confidence and expertise you'll be angry at how much you have been ripped off by your mechanic, doctor, it matters not the story is the same.

Don't be afraid to ask for help and unfortunately for your gender it will have to come from, well you know mostly men, it is what it is but there are many who are willing too help.

The internet is a marvelus tool so use it. I do mostly dual sport rides, carry chain breakers, tire change gear, volt meter, soldering iron and a host of other things........the long and short you'll be self sufficient and confident, and if you have to pay for a service you can say hey Tiger I don't think I need that.

Good Luck.............remember you don't need a penis to succed in life.

Do yourself a favor and always wear rubber glove no matter what your doing, just get in the habit as petro chemicals and the like are hard on the imune system.
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