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Renthal Soft Compound dirt bike grips (diamond pattern)

Seemed like they were thin and streatchy enough...

Here are a few shot of what they looked like before I cut them up:

figured I could just cut the ends off and streatch the remaining tube over the existing BMW skinny F8 grips.

Here is what they look like cut and installed on the bike:

Look pretty good if you ask me.
Note: I used the soft compound grips, and they are pretty definitely on the
Oh, right one other thing. Once installed they are about the same thickness or circumfrence as the outter most ridge or grip end. Maybe slightly smaller. This is perfect for me as I often find my hands resting against the outside of the grips. now they ride right up on that ridge and I don't even notice. Nice! [/quote] I think they look fine and if you buy two pair for the sizing, just share/split the cost with another rider. Cost $12 then!
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