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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly
A cruise
I would be stir crazy on a ship. Much, much rather be on the bike, or at least in my sports car. Or mountain bike.....or anywhere but on a cruise.
I'm home this weekend, and maybe next. Then probably back to Chicago for work.
Gonna have to put the two wheel toys for the winter soon. Hoping to get out while I can tho.
+1, too confining. My personal vision of Hell is a Tour Bus. Gawd, I can't imagine... My son and I rode to Jasper up the Icefields Parkway a few years ago (if you've never done that ride you should, unbelievable!). We had stopped at a gorgeous overlook and had it all to ourselves until (no kidding) three tour busses pulled up and disgorged the hoards - we were literally pushed off the viewpoint by over 100 people all clamoring for a photo of the same view at the same time. We BOLTED.

We spent a couple of weeks in the Hawaiian islands a few years ago and I decided I could never live on an island either. Well, Australia or New Zealand maybe . We rented a motorcycle (HD Sportster ) and rode every mile of the main highway on the Big Island in one day, maybe 160 miles including a tour of Volcano NP. I guess we could have done it again backwards and gotten another 160 out of it. Give me the mountains and wide open spaces any day!

"If it doesn't blow smoke and make noise, it isn't a sport!" - radio ad for shop in Bozeman, MT
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