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Field Testing

Well, finally got something to add to this poor thread: field testing results for the skidplate from Andrew's Adventurersworkshop. I went down to the Kernville WARPED AdvRider event last weekend. I logged about 6-700 road miles and about 100 dirt (terrible ratio but the meet wasn't close to me).

Under light use (tarmac) the skidplate has performed flawlessly. As expected the skidplate is quieter than the stock Aluminum plate, likely by reflecting less engine noise. It also does a good job of deflecting debris thrown up by the front wheel (except for the piece of sheet metal I found recently but no skidplate would have helped in that situation).

Under medium use (off-road w/out high centering) the skidplate has performed well. It does a fair job of deflecting debris thrown by the front wheel, but did not deflect all in the muddy conditions encountered last weekend. I wonder what skidplate (shy of the rallye types) would do this. Here are some pics:

Right side:


I also feel it faired well against small to medium-sized rocks flung by the front wheel. Throughout the weekend I hear many "thunks" as rocks spit up and deflected away from the skidplate and found no damage. I am in the process of cleaning the bike and will post pics if any damage is found.

This leaves the heavy-duty off-road use category. I have failed to find any obstacles within reach of my skill levels when I visited around Kernville (MotoMike found some for himself but I will leave that story to him ). I hope to visit another OHV park in the eastern Diablos soon as I saw good rock formations that I should be able to use soon.

Big question to the interested parties: how important is high-centering in your riding? Anyone ever destroyed a skidplate on their bike? Did it do its job but require replacement or did it not do its job in any way? I am planning on finding a local curb and high centering just to give it the final test - is this what you potential buyers want to see?
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