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Tuesday 10/12/2010

After breakfast (and completely forgetting to take any pictures), I thought I'd better check the oil level on my Maggie. Sure enough, it was low. Hard to tell how low from the picture of course, since it's completely dry!

This was not unexpected and I knew it was only ½ quart low.

I topped it off with the finest Maggie specific oil!! Only the finest for me.

I'd checked the wife's bike too. Her Maggie hasn't burned or dripped a single drop yet! No oil for her...

We got out on the road without any further controversy and headed east & west.

We had stopped in at the Ocklawaha Visitors Center at the corner of 40 and 315 to see about maps. They had quite a bit of stuff for sale and a very friendly guy working the counter. Since it was mid-morning on a Tuesday, it wasn't real crowded! We already had our DeLorme map and didn't see anything there that would be better. Finally picked up a National Parks Passport though. I wonder if we'll keep up with it...

County highway 315 was closed though, road construction I think. We backtracked east on 40 to 314 and headed north through the forest.

Riding through the Ocala National Forest on the pavement there are few surprises. But finding a missile along side the road did catch me off guard! It became the replacement tag for Cedar Key.

Much of what we saw were these pine trees. Miles and miles of pine trees... It is beautiful and peaceful. Riding 19 north is a pretty straight shot though.

We found Rodman Rd and took that west to the dam. I have never rode over as rough of asphalt as on this trip! A sand road would have been smoother. I'm not exactly sure what technique they used to achieve that texture, but hopefully the secret doesn't get out. Nobody needs to be duplicating it.

This is the Rodman Dam.

For such a small dam, it is the topic of many conversations. It was built to support the Cross Florida Barge Canel project.

Since that didn't happen, there has been talk about removing the dam and letting things get back to the way they were before. Everything has it's pro's and con's.

From reading a bit on the web, it seems the fishing is pretty good around here. I would have loved to have brought some tackle. Traveling light on the bikes was worth the trade off though.

Somebody lost a bobber while fishing here.

More pictures of real Florida, in it's original black & white glory.

I liked this area. Sort of made me wish for a little boat again. Florida has a beauty you just can't always appreciate from the shore.

While we were stopped at the dam, I wanted to try and take a few “interesting” pictures. Interesting to me anyway...

My riding partner was a bit tired today. The road didn't hold many new features on today's route and our momentum was slowing.

But that was a good sign – vacation mode was starting to kick in!

Here is a picture you could paint with only two colors – green and blue. They were enough too... it was a beautiful place and I could have spent more time just sitting right there.

But we had more road to cover and moved along. We turned west onto 310 and then on 315 south. The detour (315 was closed) finally kicked us off on 316 west over to 200 south. This would run us right back into Ocala.

Each time we tried to stop and get a picture of the bikes with horses, the horses would bolt away from the fence. I don't think they were afraid of the bikes, they never moved when we rode by, just spooked when someone would stop. But the wife wanted a picture of her, the bike and the horses. I got two out of three!

After getting into Ocala we stopped at a Mother Earth grocery along 40 that the wife had spotted. She found a few special gluten free things to go with dinner: fajita shells, cookies, and a natural cane sugar root beer.

We also stopped in at our regular spot to pick up some water and an avocado.

Yes, dinner was delicious. Nope, didn't any pictures. Tuesday was a slow day and the lack of pictures certainly reflect that. But they'll pick up!

Wednesday's plan - breakfast at The Old Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park.
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