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First of all Gwen you rule for starting this cool thread and posing as an inspiration for other women to get their hands dirty.

I'm Jessy. My husband James and I live in Liberty, NY.

Being married to a class A mechanic, welder and electrician I am spoiled and I admit lazy.

I take pride in changing my own tires, oil and air filters but NAG the husband to do everything else....I'd love to learn more about what to do on my own bike.

We have a 4 bay shop and more equity in tools, than most people have equity in their homes so there's not job I can't do....I just need to know how....

I've owned several bikes, mostly italian and german made and so far have NEVER needed to take anything to a shop. We have bike owners drive up here from NYC (2 hours south) to have James work on their bikes...He just does not have the time or patience to teach me.

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