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maybe this?

Originally Posted by 3DChief
Okay, back to the valve adjustment again. 1999 KLR 250, about 7k miles on it, I bought it brand new and has been very well cared for. I have tried to adjust the valves about 10 times now and can't get it right. There is a bunch of play in the rockers at TDC. I'm not talking about side to side play, I'm talking about up and down a considerable amount. Looking at the bearing surfaces of the rockers and the cams, all look just fine, no abnormal wear and look brand new. Also, when I do adjust them and think they are set correctly (between .008 and .009 thousandths), then cycle the motor through a couple of revolutions and back to TDC, they are out of adjustment again. I have tried to adjust them statically, pushed all the way up, and pressed all the way down, none of these work. What the hell am I doing wrong? I have adjusted valves on my other bikes no problem, but this one is pissing me off! I am about ready to light it on fire and push it off a cliff! Help please!!!
I have done my valve adjustment twice with no issues. Following the directions that I pulled off the KLR 250 web site, I almost messed up this time. You have to rotate the flywheel counterclockwise about 1/3 of a turn after you see the intake valves open and close. At that point you'll see the timing mark in the hole above the flywheel. What I did wrong was to turn it clockwise and nothing made sense.
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