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Wednesday 10/13/2010

Wednesday 10/13/2010

So on the day we don't fix anything, I finally take a picture of breakfast!

We just needed enough of a boost to get us down the road to DeLeon Springs State Park for pancakes.

First we have to take out the trash. They don't have trash service out here and we had to haul our own in to the transfer station. Not much drama in a cage, but we learned some things using the bikes!

What could possibly go wrong with this setup?

That bag closest in the picture on the wifes bike? Yep, it shifted and rubbed up against the rear tire. It did make a pretty good hole in the bag, but no mess on the road though. She pulled over and we just put that bag into the one on my bike.

A couple things I learned: first - full bags travel better than partial bags, second - tie the straps low, they are going to be low eventually anyway!! My bungee net was really good for this job, better than the straps. I wish I'd have brought more cargo nets.

After getting the trash dropped off, we headed east on 40 until we found 3 again. The railroad tracks run along 3 and you also run past some cattle farms. After having been around so many horse farms, cattle looked out of place.

The Old Sugar Mill is located inside of the DeLeon Springs State Park and they do charge $4 per motorcycle for entrance. We wound our way through the parking lot and found a nice spot for the bikes. Showing up at 10am on a weekday, you can get a pretty good spot!

Inside the Mill there are probably only a dozen or so tables of different sizes. There are griddles built right into the tables for cooking your own pancakes right there! Our table was larger and had two griddles, we shared the table with a couple ladies from out of state. I believe they were a mother and daughter, but our conversation with them was mostly teasing them about how big they made their pancakes!

If you order the pancakes, they will bring you two pitchers of batter. We also ordered some blueberries to add in and they were wonderful. It was a lot of fun cooking them right there! And having them hot off the grill will spoil you quick. Coffee was good too..

They have replaced the water wheel at some point over the years and the new one looks really good.

We wandered around the park a bit and, being the tourists on vacation that we were, had to get a picture with our toes in the water. While I was trying to setup my $0.99 tripod to get the shot, a guy stopped and offered to take the pic for me. There were five of them down from Detroit for Biketoberfest and had come over for breakfast as well. Good people...

The springs are a constant 72 degrees year round. Since that is about 30 degrees cooler than we prefer, we didn't jump in. There was one guy swimming. We told him that in our stories about the day, we'd be referring to him as "that crazy guy"! He took no offense and laughed with us.

Leaving the park, we decided to just wander the little roads on our way south to 42. Right outside of the park, we headed south on Park Ave. This was a wonderful little road to drive down. The picture didn't capture the leaves gently falling as we rode through.

I had hopes that 42 would be a bit more interesting than 40 and it most certainly was. The wife had suggested it when we rode in on Sunday, but I wasn't in vacation mode then. There were stretches of 42 that were some of the most scenic riding of the trip. And better yet, the road crew had just laid the asphalt down and it was as smooth as glass. Ok, frosted glass - but still pretty smooth!!

Well, there is some debate between the wife and I on the location of this next part. My notebook says it was along 42, but the wife says no.

So while we're running down a beautiful stretch of unnamed road , I manage to hit the one pothole we saw that day. The front-end took a good smack and I started to hear a new high pitch noise. Since I'd upgraded my earplugs for this trip, I knew it must be pretty loud for me to hear it. As I slowed down, I could tell the pitch was dropping.

I pulled over to the side and stopped. The noise was definitely speed sensitive so I figured it was something with the tires. So I'm looking over the front tire and notice this...

The picture is a little dark, but you can see that the back of my fender got hung up on my homemade highway bars! I guess I mounted them a little higher for this trip than before. Notice how nicely this closed the gap at the front of the fender!

The wife had to help me compress the forks down so the fender could slip back off the bar. That looks better!

If you're going to have trouble on the side of a road, this is a great road to do it on! Got ourselves put back together and ready to ride on home.

Once we got home, we reviewed the plans for the rest of the week. Thursday was supposed to be Daytona/Biketoberfest and possibly ride on home. But after the peaceful quiet roads we've been enjoying, the craziness of Daytona would have been to much. So we called it off and decided to spend Thursday exploring "south" and maybe ride home on Friday...

Vacation mode is getting stronger by the day.
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