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Originally Posted by Shoganai

First off - love this photo. That moment or THOSE TIMES before it clicks - and then you feel like a million dollars because YOU did it!!

My name is Rayna, Woodside, NY and !!!!!Yes!!!!! this is a GREAT idea! My boyfriend, loph917, is really good about it, too, like Steve is for Gwen/Shoganai. Mind you it's all been small stuff at this point but he makes sure I go out with him to fix whatever is wrong and talks me through it. No garage just a rented parking spot for two BMWs - mine and his. I am not bad on technical stuff and give me a manual and some time and I'm in.

It is so natural, as Shoganai said, for guys to do this. Even my dad, who is not a "manly-man" by any means still fixed our cars growing up, you know? Guys are just around the tech stuff more often. My girlfriends are all "oooo, that's so coool! you have a bike!" but they don't have one so they don't "get it" per se. and forget mechanical ability. I just put my friend's IKEA furniture together because she was going to pay someone on craigslist to do it. I was like, please, give me a few beers, i'll do it!! LOL!

I am intimidated by my bike technically in that I don't know how to do anything major to it... yet. But let me in there, and I know I could do it. I think it's intimidating because most women weren't brought up hanging out in the garage so we think we can't. boo hiss. no way. Please - my dad was so happy when he realized I took all his lessons on hammering, drilling and so forth to heart. (let him off the hook! ha ha!)
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