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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Anyone ever destroyed a skidplate on their bike? Did it do its job but require replacement or did it not do its job in any way?
Yup, me, on my Husky TE 610-E, doing about 120 km/h, through a creek, took some air coming into it (wide creek, no water, flat bottom, on a dirt road), landed in the creek bed, suspension bottomed out, an iceburg type rock (little bit sticking out and god only knows how much was under the dirt) sticking a few inches out, caught the skidplate and ripped 'er clean off... fark.. did it make an noise.. and it felt like the Hulk had hit the bike with a 15 pound sledge hammer ! I locked brakes up, hopped off, fearing the worst, no skidplate (bashplate as we call 'em in Oz), rode back, saw the rock with a big Alu. "gash" on it, plate had a hole punched in it and all mounts ripped flat. It was held on by hooks going over the frame rails and bolted through the skidplate to the hooks.

Here is a pic from the manufactuers site

Did it's job, wasted the skidplate, saved the bike. Sure as hell would have punched a hole in the engine without it.

I am more interetsed in a Ralye replica plate and hope to convice a mate who is a wizz at that shit to make me one, when I get my 640 Adv.

I am waiting with avid interest for Andrew F to report if the revised HB bars are any good
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