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Eek Air induction system

Originally Posted by mtothef
damn, i wish i'd had your skills and equipment handy when i slapped a yz rear end onto my xt. would've made the whole thing go together a lot more cleanly.

however, i am very curious to see what you do for a single carb/intake manifold/hose to airbox solution. that ended up being the weak link in my project, and is still something that i wonder about fixing in those quiet sleepless hours in the middle of the night.

well, that, and the fact that i am a total hack...
here is what I am planning!
The manifold is just taped on with duct tape so it is protruding out in to the engine area a bit to much (just done this as a representaion). This manifold will be one of the last things I do because I has to wait untill the motor is in the frame. This is one of the reasons why I put the wr subframe on the tt frame. As the air box and air duct was premade so this made half of the job easier. I have poured over your build and I am trying to find a suitable solution to the lower linkage and the position of the bolt frame relationship I have an idea but it's a bit confusing to explain so keep your eyes peeled

This is a repesentation ony the carb is only supported by the rubber boot so it is drooping down a bit but you get the general idea as what is going on

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